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From the BScene:

Kristen Bezemer has been going strong for well over a decade to release her full-length album under the name Innersha with her backing band consisting of A.K. McLeod on guitar, Steve Cullen on drums, Stella Thomas playing harmonica and Jon Harris holding down the bass. It hasn’t been an easy ride to say the least.

It all started over 15 years ago when her and her brother began writing songs together. After his death, she wasn’t sure how to move forward with bringing those songs to life. Until she ran into Jason Inberg, a close friend of her brothers.

“The biggest thing about losing my brother, obviously that I was sad that I lost my best friend but also, that we had never recorded any of our music,” said Bezemer. “There was nothing that I could listen to and show somebody else. I was really shocked to go to jam with Jay and see he was playing those songs. We picked up right where my brother and I left off.”

Bezemer adds, “I don’t know if you believe in fate or destiny... (to continue reading article click here)

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